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The JourneyIs this you?

  • You are looking for an Accredited Journey Practitioner (click here to make an appointment)
  • You are searching for emotional support and help.
  • You are needing grief counselling after the death of a loved one
  • You are needing assistance with chronic depression
  • You are wanting emotional support with adolescent children
  • You are wanting help with anxiety or panic attacks
  • You are searching for tools to help you with anger and/or anger management
  • You are wanting a mentor to help you with bullying issues
  • You are dealing with addictions such as gambling, drugs etc.
  • You are longing to find your self-esteem
  • You are dealing with emotional blocks which keep you from experiencing joy in your life
  • You are experiencing eating disorders such as gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance or fructose intolerance
  • You are dealing with the breakdown of your marriage or have relationship problems
  • You are terminally ill and looking for support
  • You are looking for a life coach or mentor to work with you on an on-going basis
  • You are seeking help for your children

It doesn’t matter which of these situations you find yourself in, Your Emotional & Spiritual Troubleshooter, Jan Henderson, can help.

Using the wealth of a lifetime of experiences together with processes developed by mentors such as Brandon Bays and The Journey Jan Henderson can partner with you and guide you to experience the joy of life.

Jan is available for consultations in Melbourne, Bendigo and Sale by appointment.

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